Industry UseCase on Automation using Ansible- Demo(Implementation) Session Experience

Linux world Informatics Limited organized a Practical session on Automation using Ansible with a practical Demo by Sreejith Anujan sir and Arun Eapen sir on 29 December 2020.
being a student of Linux world since RedHat Linux course initiative by Vimal Daga sir and Preethi mam. I have been enjoying throughout the journey and now attended the above mentioned amazing session.
The session was about :
I learned various practical use cases of Ansible and Ansible Tower.
Job Template is just like the Ansible-playbook which is used to run the yml files but it has some more additional features by the playbook.
What is Automation? — Automation is used to automate tasks or processes and reduce manual interaction. we can use automation in most of the fields such as deployment, integration, delivery task, development tasks, etc.
We also saw how Chatops is been created.
How ansible plays a vital role in automating the work.

The concepts were from basic to real-time advance. It was an amazing tour over how technology been used in industry in an actual way.

I thank speakers Sreejith Anujan sir & Mr. Arun Eapen sir for sparing time for us and give some great use cases on ansible. I also thank Vimal Daga sir for giving us an amazing opportunity.

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